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SASCORP, Inc. has a complete in-house team, including site superintendents, engineers, project managers, legal experts and accountants. Our in-house capabilities allow SASCORP, Inc. to respond very quickly to customer needs and mobilize our forces on demand. We can tap into the vast experience of our team of experts to get answers instantly. SASCORP, Inc. is an authorized builder for "USA" United Structures of America Metal Buildings.

We live in an information age. But raw data doesn't help you form sound real estate decisions. You need a real estate advisor who can analyze relevant information, use it to develop creative strategies and implement the plan. The skilled professionals at SASCORP, Inc. lead our clients through the world of commercial real estate with intelligence, not just information. Anyone can buy information. No one else can provide the intellectual capital of our professionals who live and work in the markets they serve. Building relationships, tracking trends and giving you the services you need to deliver superior business performance.


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